Military Minute: Smart Budgeting Apps

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Before we go to war with China, we should watch this

By Bill Worth When discussing the U.S. military’s ability to fight and win wars, we tend to focus on quality.  The quality of our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen goes without question.  And, our technology, while increasingly challenged by Russian and China, gives us a great competitive edge.  However, before we contemplate going to war with […]

Air Force Accidentally Sends out Missile Attack Warning…Complete with an inexplicable emoji.

By Kyle Mizokami,  A U.S. Air Force fighter wing in Germany accidentally sent out a missile attack warning to its members last week, warning that a missile was inbound and urging recipients to take shelter. The warning was rescinded eight minutes later. The missile attack warning flashed across screens of computers at the 52nd […]

Big changes are in the works for the Marine Corps’ elite snipers

Source: Since the days of Gunnery Sgt. Carlos Hathcock and his exploits in Vietnam, the image of Marine Corps Scout Snipers has struck fear in the hearts of America’s enemies. And for good reason. The Corps has one of the most comprehensive — and toughest — training schools for its sniper teams, with a […]

Why do US aircraft carriers dominate the seas?

By Dave Majumdar, Naval aviation is an inherently dangerous business, but over the course of more than 75 years, through robust procedures, rigorous training and continuous practice, the U.S. Navy has honed its carrier flight deck operations into a well-oiled machine. Naval aviation is an inherently dangerous business, but over the course of more […]

Historic U.S. Army recruitment effort increase underway

By Olivia Bailey, JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. – The United States Army is seeking thousands of new recruits soon. News 5 has learned the Army needs 6,000 additional active duty soldiers and 1,500 reservists by the end of September. Ian Herrin, 27, always had a feeling he wanted to serve his country. With several family […]

Trump’s military affliction

By Michael A. Cohen, In the four days since President Trump announced his selection of H.R McMaster as his national security adviser, the move has been met with practically universal praise. Writing in the Atlantic, Andrew Exum called McMaster “one of the most talented officers the US Army has ever produced.” “McMaster is the […]

Ruck march planned to help prevent military suicides

By CLARKSVILLE, Tenn.- Carry The Fallen is a 3-day ruck-march relay event in which teams ruck-march while carrying weight that symbolizes the burden that many veterans carry post-trauma. The ultimate purpose of Carry The Fallen is to reduce veteran suicide and assist Military Families. Any money raised by Carry the Fallen benefits Active Heroes. […]

New York National Guardsmen test NASA space capsule recovery system

By Eric Durr, GABRESKI AIR NATIONAL GUARD BASE, N.Y., Feb. 24, 2017 — Forty-five members of the New York Air National Guard’s 106th Rescue Wing are heading to Hawaii, Feb. 27, to participate in a joint NASA and Defense Department mission to evaluate recovery techniques and gear that will be used to recover NASA’s […]

How Your Military Experience Prepares You for Entrepreneurship

Former Army Ranger Matthew “Griff” Griffin was touring a factory in Kabul, Afghanistan, in 2009 when he looked to his left and saw a combat boot sole with a flip-flop thong punched through it. Griffin turned to the factory manager and asked, “Can I run with this?” He told Griffin, “Yeah, sure. Go ahead.”With those […]

Last Call: US Military Reserve Component

Almost 40 % of all members of the U.S. Military are in the Reserve Component. 84% of the Army National Guard serves in a Traditional Part-Time Status. SOURCE: NGB Statistically speaking, nearly 15,600 reserve component personnel are drilling on any given weekend during the year. Manpower By Component 342 – National Guard, Army 105.5  – […]