Military Minute: 4 Smart Insurance Strategies

Take a minute (or two) to watch our newest video! Military members and their families face a lot of insurance choices. Today’s Military Minute, sponsored by Armed Forces Benefit Association, breaks down four types of insurance and offers some useful guidance for you to make good decisions. Learn more!

Does the Marine Corps has a “toxic masculinity” problem

By Alex Ward, Vox On May 12, the US Marine Corps launched its first commercial with a female lead, part of a broad effort to persuade more women to join the service. The ad, titled “Battle Up,” was meant to let women know they’re welcome in the Marine Corps. But it also inadvertently refocused attention […]

How Our Military Discards Its Wounded Troops

By Drew Pham, The Daily Beast At its core, the military is a violent organization with violent objectives—to fight and win wars. Those damaged in its course are all too often left to fend for themselves. When I joined the Army, I took a creed to “never leave a fallen comrade.” Now it appears that […]

Beijing protests US Navy patrol through South China Sea

By Christopher Bodeen, Washington Post BEIJING — China protested a U.S. Navy patrol that sent a guided missile destroyer near a group of man-made islands in the South China Sea on Thursday, in the first American challenge to Beijing’s claims to the waters since President Donald Trump took office. China’s Defense Ministry told reporters that […]

The Air Force put on a show of force with the A-10, and a day later it got taken off the chopping block

By Christopher Woody, Business Insider The 23rd Fighter Wing, which oversees the largest A-10 fighter group in the Air Force, put on a show of force with its Thunderbolts on Monday, staging an “elephant walk” at Moody Air Force Base in Valdosta, Georgia. “The exercise was conducted in order to demonstrate the wing’s ability to rapidly […]

Remembering The 29th National Guard Division On Memorial Day

As all of you know, Monday, May 29, is Memorial Day. Memorial Day is the day that we remember and honor all the soldiers who lost their lives in battle. This Memorial Day, I would like to acknowledge the heroes who died fighting for not only our country but for France as well. The National Guard […]

NATO vs. Warsaw Pact: How the Ultimate Cold War Showdown Could Have Killed Millions

By Kyle Mizokami, National Interest Guarding against these attacks and providing rear-area security were twelve brigade-sized units of West German reservists. Bonn also had three brigades of paratroops that could be quickly rushed to defend threatened areas. Air base security in NATO was very high, with the U.S. Air Force deploying large numbers of security troops […]

Iraq and Afghanistan: The US$6 trillion bill for America’s longest war is unpai

By Linda J. Bilmes, The Conversation On Memorial Day, we pay respects to the fallen from past wars – including the more than one million American soldiers killed in the Civil War, World Wars I and II, Korea and Vietnam. Yet the nation’s longest and most expensive war is the one that is still going on. […]

Walmart expands military absence program to cover pay difference

By Thomas Barrabi, Fox Business Walmart (WMT) on Tuesday said it would expand a military leave of absence policy by offering to make up the difference in pay for employees who earn less than their company salary during military assignments Starting on June 24, the Bentonville, Arkansas-based retail chain will offer “deferential pay” for any […]

Veteran’s family files wrongful death suit against VA Palo Alto

By JACQUELINE LEE, Mercury News The children of a 72-year-old Navy veteran have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the VA Palo Alto Health Care System. Douglas Wayne Ross Sr., who served in the Vietnam War, died from a traumatic head injury a week after he fell in his hospital room, where he was left […]

Oldest US Veteran, Soon to Be Released From Hospital, Credits His Longevity to Fine Cigars

By Reid Mene, IJR Richard Overton is the nation’s oldest veteran, having served in the Pacific Theater from 1942 to 1945. He was a part of the all-black 1887th Engineer Aviation Battalion, as Fox News reports. Over the years, Overton has had the opportunity to meet with presidents, walk the field at college football games, and […]