Military Minute: 5 Great Military Housing Options

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UN: Risk of ‘Accidental’ Nuclear War Growing,

By Patrick Tucker, Defense One The warning comes as the Pentagon begins an extensive review of its nuclear arsenal. On Sept., 26, 1983, shortly after midnight, the Soviet Oko nuclear early warning system detected five missiles launched from the United States and headed toward Moscow. Stanislav Petrov, a young lieutenant colonel in the Soviet Air […]

Syria’s War Has Been a ‘Goldmine’ for North Korea

BY STEVE MOLLMAN, QUARTZ Weapons from North Korea have ended up in Syria, ultimately enriching the Kim regime and prolonging Bashar al-Assad’s grip on power. The civil war in Syria, which began in 2011, has been a tragedy for millions of people, including refugees fleeing the violence and residents caught in the crossfire. But for North Korea’s ruling elite, […]

Military Families Magazine – May 2017

Download this digital edition now or view past issues in our Digital Archive! In this issue: Transitioning Out of the Military All in the Family – When Your Child Wants to Join the Military Tame the End-of-School Beast – Tips for Handling Life When Everything Hits at Once And more!

Airman take on Marines in a friendly battle with pugil sticks

By Joshua Raymond-Castro, American Military News Pugil Sticks are foam padded plastic pipes used to teach bayonet techniques to Marines, as well as other branches. The users don helmets and other protective equipment to try and make killing strikes to disable and disrupt their opponents. Of course, often times a simple training exercise can be turned […]

Navy board rules that officer who apologized to Iran will say in Navy, by Hope Hodge Seck A Navy lieutenant who tried to negotiate with his Iranian captors by allowing himself to be taped apologizing to them will be allowed to remain in uniform, an administrative board of inquiry determined this week. Lt. David Nartker appeared before the three-member board Tuesday, accused of substandard performance and poor military […]

Iraq War veteran’s dog saved from euthanasia by Michigan court

By Fox News An Iraq War veteran’s dogs were taken off death row Monday after a Michigan judge ruled there was not enough evidence to prove the canines had killed three goats in July 2016. The pit bull mixes, named Mario and Luigi, were released from an Ionia County animal shelter Tuesday morning, according to the […]

National Guard and Reserves offer untapped resources for cybersecurity

by Isaac Porche, Brian Wisniewski, Tech Church Cyber threats have metastasized worldwide. In the U.S., they have presented as security issues for critical infrastructure, such as industrial sites, and cast doubt on the integrity of crucial information technology systems used for elections –including many vulnerable voting machines themselves that are employed and managed at the state level. Technological […]

President Trump signs extension to Veterans Choice Act, by Richard Sisk President Donald Trump extended the Veterans Choice Act on Wednesday to set the stage for a push in Congress to expand the program and allow more access to private care for veterans. Flanked by veterans at an Oval Office ceremony, the president signed the bill to extend the Choice program, which was […]

Navy to criminalize nude photo-sharing for sailors and marines, by Hope Hodge Seck Distributing nude and “intimate” photos without the subject’s permission is now a criminal offense in the Navy and Marine Corps after a key change to Navy regulations published Wednesday. The change was announced in an all-service message signed by acting Navy Secretary Sean Stackley as an interim update to the official […]

USS Arizona survivor rejoins shipmates, interred aboard ship

By Associated Press, Fox News PROVIDENCE, R.I. –  A veteran who survived the attack on Pearl Harbor and died last year at age 94 has been reunited with his fallen shipmates on the sunken USS Arizona. Raymond Haerry was interred on the ship in a ceremony that his granddaughter says was solemn and beautiful. Haerry […]