Military Minute: How To Thank A Veteran

Video:  Sometimes it’s hard to know what to say when you see a veteran or uniformed servicemember. Go beyond a canned response and show your appreciation in a personal and meaningful way. Take a look and see: Learn more!

Human Trafficking and The Battle for Innocence

Content sponsored by The God’s Child ITEMP Bismarck, ND-native Patrick Atkinson never imagined that someday he would lead one of America’s widest-reaching anti-human trafficking programs. Then again, when, in 2001, he was held at gunpoint in an African village while rural women and children were forced into cattle trucks and taken away to be sold in […]

Home for the Holidays After Deployment

  They have returned from deployment, safely out of harm’s way and back into your arms just in time for the holidays. Having them back is the best gift of all and you are ready to celebrate the holidays with your military member in a big way! As a mom who has welcomed home her […]

Your Greatest Achievement Awaits, and It Starts Online

Content sponsored by University of Oregon How old were you when you discovered your dream job? Many of us are still trying to figure it out. Not Jason Deger. He knew at a young age – thanks to camping trips with his dad in national parks – that he would someday be a park ranger. […]

My First Year as a Military Wife

It was summer of 2016. I was 20 and working full time at a physical therapy clinic, while taking the maximum amount of credit hours of summer school at Texas A&M University. My husband, Tim, 23, spent the first half of the summer finishing up his final field training for his degree from Texas A&M, and the second […]

New Grunt Style Air Shows Give Props to Military Aviation

Most in the military are familiar Grunt Style. This $100 million gritty lifestyle brand known for inspiring patriotism and warrior spirit, was generally focused on ground forces, like founder and Army veteran, Dan Alarik. But that’s about to change with the announcement that Grunt Style is starting national air shows called the Grunt Style Air […]

Alabama Football Raises Awareness of Veterans with ALS

Walter Wallace, was born in Tuscaloosa Alabama, where he lived until joining the US Air Force. He developed a lifelong love of his beloved Crimson Tide, which he passed on to his son Levi. A 21-year veteran of the Air Force, Walter never dreamed of seeing his son play football for Alabama. And one day […]

7 Ways to Thank A Veteran Today and Every Day

When it comes to thanking our troops for their service, I really appreciate those of you who take the time to thank a veteran. As far as military families go, I’m brat, a grandbrat, a wifebrat and a mombrat. Yes, military service runs deep in the Kay family. My Grampa died as an aircrew member in […]

An Overlooked Opportunity to Accelerate Your Career

I recently attended a military Family Day event as an education provider and I was – and still am – a little stumped. Why were so many people overlooking an opportunity to accelerate their careers? There were more than 1,000 people in attendance, and an estimated 50 tables displaying service providers. Most of the attendees […]

Vets by the Numbers

Active Duty Separations and Reserve Losses between 2003-2019 are estimated at 4.3 million. Since 2003, enlisted service members have been leaving the military at a rate of roughly 250,000 each year. In 2008, the year in which the highest concentration of U.S. troops deployed overseas, 52 percent of enlisted service members were 25 years old […]

Do You Speak Civilian? Military to Civilian Translation Tips

You want the job and you believe that you are more than qualified to do it. Now you just have to convince a potential employer of that — and in a way that he or she will fully understand you. In other words, to be successful in your post-uniform job search, you need to make […]