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Uniquely American

The theme of the 58th Presidential Inauguration, “Uniquely American,” recognizes the symbolic importance of today’s event. We may consider it routine, but the inaugural ceremony remains...


Inaugural Musings

by Bianca Strzalkowski The experience has definitely been different then I thought. We had to walk two hours to get to our seats and the crowds around us booed every time a Democrat spoke or was...


Parade Time!

Crowds are departing the inauguration for the inaugural parade, which features all branches of the military

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And it Begins

by Bianca Strzalkowski The crowd just erupted in cheers as President Donald Trump officially became Commander-in-Chief. Surrounded by his family, he took the oath using President Lincoln’s...


Military Center Stage for Inaugural Events

by Bianca Strzalkowski This week’s inaugural events showcase the pomp and circumstance that can only the Armed Forces can deliver. More than 8,000 people will follow the President and Vice...

Now it's getting real. The nation's capital is bustling with people from all over - some in support of the soon-to-be sworn in President and some against. It is truly what makes the messy process of democracy a beautiful thing, something our service members and their families know well.

It’s Getting Real!

Bianca Arrives in Washington by Bianca Strzalkowski  “It was a surreal moment arriving in D.C. knowing the weight of the moment that is about to happen. It isn’t a Republican moment...

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Making it Work

by Bianca Strzalkowski One military spouse fulfills a need for returning service members.. When wars began in Iraq and Afghanistan, no one forecasted what to expect from service members returning to...

paying for college military funds

Paying for College

by Andrea Downing Peck Attending a top-flight college can turn into a financial nightmare if a diploma from your dream school leaves you — or your child — drowning in student loan debt. According...

Military Finance, Savings and Debts

Last Call: Military Finances

More than 83% service members pay all of their bills on time and have no debts in collection —significantly more than the national population who are more likely to struggle to pay bills, get calls...