Maj. Gen. Andrew J. Poppas shakes hands with a member of the Kentucky National Guard shortly after putting a Screaming Eagle patch
on his shoulder Saturday.

National Guards Soldiers to fill Army gaps

By Meredith Willse, Forty men and women of the Kentucky National Guard are able to say they are Screaming Eagles after a patching ceremony Saturday on Fort Campbell. This is now a...

Spc. Robert Irwin, an infantryman of 2nd Platoon Dog Company, Task Force Gold Geronimo conducts a security patrol in the Paktya province, Jan. 30. TF Gold Geronimo is part of the Spartan Brigade.

The things they carry now

By Duane France, Even before joining the Army, Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried was a powerful read; going back and looking at it now, from the other side of military...