Military Skills Translator

Find a Civilian Job! Recruiters want YOU.

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Instantly translate your military skills to civilian job openings.

Military skills translation applies to so many parts of your job search.  Did you know…

  • 61% of employers do not have a complete understanding of the qualifications service members offer? Or that…
  • Half of all veterans (51%) felt their current jobs leverage their military experience, while the other half (49%) felt their current jobs didn’t?

AmeriForce Media is proud to present the new Military Skills Translatorpowered by and sponsored by envoy.  It’s so simple to use!  Just click here to go to the search form.  There you just type in your service branch and military job title.

Employment listings will then be generated just for you.  From there you can further narrow your search by entering keywords, preferred locations, schooling, special skills and more.

Give it a try today, and be sure to share with your friends and family!