Grunt Style Air Show

New Grunt Style Air Shows Give Props to Military Aviation

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Most in the military are familiar Grunt Style. This $100 million gritty lifestyle brand known for inspiring patriotism and warrior spirit, was generally focused on ground forces, like founder and Army veteran, Dan Alarik.

But that’s about to change with the announcement that Grunt Style is starting national air shows called the Grunt Style Air Show Majors. The mission of the Grunt Style Air Show Majors is to celebrate aviation, honor the military, and advance the air show industry through increased mainstream awareness.

“Partnering with the inaugural Air Show Majors tour was an easy decision for us as our core values are very similar,” says Mike Birt, Chief Marketing Officer at Grunt Style. “We’re looking forward to boosting the aviation industry to a larger demographic and working with the participating shows to continue to honor our military.”

Launching in April there’ll be 4 stops on the 2018 Grunt Style Air Show Majors tour:

Grunt Style Air Show Majors is produced and managed by Red Frog Events.

“The launch of the Grunt Style Air Show Majors tour provides an opportunity to showcase the aviation industry and the selected shows to a new and broader audience,” says Scott Howard, Chief Marketing Officer at Red Frog Events.

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