Military Minute: How To Thank A Veteran

Video:  Sometimes it’s hard to know what to say when you see a veteran or uniformed servicemember. Go beyond a canned response and show your appreciation in a personal and meaningful way. Take a look and see: Learn more!

Staying Connected After Leaving the Military

by Rebecca Alwine Leaving the military behind is scary. No matter if you’ve been in four years or 20, there are many things to consider. One of the things that often gets forgotten or pushed aside is how to continue to be involved in serving your community as you transition. The instant friendships you’ve become […]

Leaving One World for Another

by Janet Farley It’s your turn to transition from the military world to the civilian one. You can expect to experience some new and perhaps terrifying realizations along the way. Here are a few that may sneak up behind you, tap you on the shoulder and attempt to ruthlessly upend your world at some point. […]

Four Ways Military Families Can Embrace Optimism

We can all learn from those who have served, dedicated their careers to helping others, and remained optimistic during the transition to their next opportunity. Whether drawing inspiration from career soldiers, veterans transitioning from active duty to the reserves, or reservists considering retirement, these individuals often model a positive mindset that we can all take inspiration from.  Veterans still serve their communities as they embrace the next chapter in their lives, much as parents continue to care for their children even after they’ve grown up […]

The Forever G.I. Bill: For More Than Just College

by R. Brian Williams Non-Traditional Ways to Use the Forever G.I. Bill for Members of the Military and their Families. The Forever G.I. Bill, signed into law this year, expands the benefit and opens up additional ways to use it for non-traditional education options. From allowing more ways to qualify for education benefits to being […]

3 Ways to Adjust Family Finances for Post-Military Life

by Bianca Strzalkowski There are plenty of things about military life that are uncertain—even in the reserve component — but getting paid isn’t one of them. On the first and 15th of every month, service members can count on a direct deposit from DFAS for a specific amount. It is so predictable that it’s easy […]

Army Veteran Gets Best Seat for Miami-Notre Dame Game

In honor of Veterans Day, Goodyear is treating one deserving military veteran to an unforgettable college football experience — the “best seat in the house” aboard the Goodyear Blimp during ESPN’s College GameDay, and tickets to the highly-anticipated matchup between Notre Dame and Miami. Goodyear selected U.S. Army veteran Lt. Col. Robert Vicci for this […]

Leaving the military gives you the chance for a fresh start

by Andrea Downing Peck Are you a service member poised to transition into the civilian job market? An improving job market and growing numbers of “military friendly” civilian employers should make landing a job a breeze, right? Not so fast. While the unemployment rate for Post-9/11 veterans has fallen from a high of 12.1% in […]

Your dreams. Our degrees. Let’s get you there.

Content sponsored by University of Oregon There was a pit in Bryan Zacher’s stomach as his 22-year Army career came to a close in 2013. He hadn’t put much thought into life after the military, so he jotted down a list of his hobbies. Fishing. Hunting. The great outdoors. Then he had an idea that […]

Surviving Our First Military Deployment

So long, Sailor I knew it was coming, every morning when he’d say goodbye I would cling tighter and tighter. I remember the day my sailor left for deployment. The dreaded day I knew he would leave for work and not come home for almost five months. It’s been nine months and when I think about it I still cry. The […]

RNG Vets by the Numbers

Active Duty Separations and Reserve Losses between 2003-2019 are estimated at 4.3 million Among Gulf War-era veterans, those who were current or past members of the Reserve or National Guard had an unemployment rate of 4%  compared with those who had never been members 5.6% In August 2016, about  1/3 of Gulf War-era veterans were current or past […]