Military Minute: The Gary Sinise Foundation does all this?!

Take a Military Minute (or two), click play, and enjoy seeing all the work that the Gary Sinise Foundation is doing for our service members and veterans.  Please feel free to like, share or tweet this video too.  We appreciate it. Read More!

Marines rushing 50 technologies to field test in 9 months

By Syney J. Freedberg, Jr. Breaking Defense QUANTICO:  Marines at Camp Pendleton will get to field-test more than 50 different new technologies next month ranging from palmtop mini-drones to self-driving amtracs, from wireless networks to precision-guided mortar shells. Plus there will be plenty of classified systems the Marines can’t talk about, including cyber and electronic warfare gear. Technologies […]

Veterans’ families don’t always know where to turn

By Aaron Ricca, Daily Miner U.S. military veterans are due proper honors when they pass, but getting those honors can be tricky in a town far from a major military installation. According to, the rendering of military funeral honors for an eligible veteran, free of charge, is mandated by law. An honor guard for […]

Military families at heart of Senate bills aimed at improving DoD readiness

By Meredith Somers, Federal News Radio The “backbone” of the military is getting some added support, as lawmakers and Defense Department leaders pledged their efforts toward more geographic stability for families, and tax breaks for national guardsmen and reservists. During a March 22 Senate appropriations defense subcommittee hearing, Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) said he is pushing […]

Lighter helmets coming soon to Army soldiers

By Alex Horton, Stars and Stripes SAN ANTONIO — There are two timeless complaints soldiers make: what they eat, and the weight they carry. A Vermont company is set to help with one of those after being awarded a maximum $98 million contract to produce the Advanced Combat Helmet Generation II, 24 percent lighter than […]

US forces cut off ISIS escape route

By Alex Lockie, Business Insider The offensive to destroy ISIS in Syria took a big step forward recently with US military advisers, helicopters, and artillery helping position a force of about 500 soldiers near a strategic damn outside of Raqqa, ISIS’s Syrian capital. The US military, along with Kurdish forces and the multi-ethnic Syrian Democratic Forces rebel […]

Family accused of living with decomposing body to collect veterans benefits

By Associated Press, New York Post WAINWRIGHT, Ohio — An Ohio sheriff says deputies have found a family living with a Vietnam veteran’s decomposing body and stealing his benefits. Investigators say they think the 71-year-old had been dead for several months. The Tuscarawas County sheriff said Wednesday deputies checked on the man after being told […]

Israel finds hundreds of bottles of alcohol left behind by British soldiers during First World War

By Raf Sanchez, The Telegraph Israeli archaeologists digging near the city of Ramla are used to uncovering flint tools and Palaeolithic remains. But when they began excavating land that is about to be used for a new motorway they made a significantly less dry discovery. Hundreds of bottles of gin, wine, beer and other alcohols […]

Army: What to do with the Ripsaw Tank?

By Kyle Mizokami, Popular Mechanics The U.S. Army continues to test a tracked-vehicle veteran of reality TV but doesn’t know what to do with it. The Army has tested the Ripsaw EV since 2010 but has yet to come up with a practical role for the quick little vehicle. The Ripsaw “tank” was frequently seen […]

Wounded Warriors from the past

By Ron Soodalter, History Net n 1862, Owen Flaherty left his wife and son in Terre Haute, Ind., and joined the 125th Illinois Infantry. He was, by all accounts, a quiet and easygoing man, well-liked and quick to share a laugh and a drink with his comrades. Until the Battle of Stones River, that is. […]

Veterans Increasingly Filing Disability Claims Due To MRE Exposure

By Calin, Duffel Blog WASHINGTON — More than 100 veterans have in recent months filed non-combat related disability claims with the Department of Veterans Affairs due to years of overexposure to meals, ready-to-eat, and that number is expected to rise, sources confirmed today. Some 20 military veterans announced their intentions to protest at the headquarters of the VA later […]