Military Minute: Smart Budgeting Apps

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Putin threatening nuclear arms race with Trump

Putin’s Nuclear Provocation Threatens an Arms Race with Trump. President Trump shows little sign of grasping the importance of international weapons deals, and Putin is daring him to tear up the nuclear treaties. By David Axe, The Russian military has reportedly deployed a new, nuclear-armed cruise missile, in direct violation of a 1987 treaty with […]

Keeping the Faith in the Horn of Africa

By Master Sgt Paul Gorman, CAMP LEMONNIER, Djibouti – U.S. Navy Commander Abuhena Saifulislam returned to Ramstein Air Base, Germany Feb. 7, following a week-long temporary duty assignment to Djibouti, Africa as a participant in U.S. Africa Command’s (USAFRICOM) Cutlass Express 2017 exercise. As the deputy command chaplain for USAFRICOM, his mission includes coordinating […]

For this busy military family, Scouting maximizes that most precious of resources: time

By Bryan Wendell, In a lot of ways, the Blackmore family is like any Scouting family. They have too much to do and too little time. The dad, Brian, is an active-duty sergeant working long hours in the U.S. Army. His son, Jacob, is busy, too, with school, homework, church and chores. When Brian and Jacob’s precious few hours […]

Renewing the call to hire our heroes and military spouses

By Eric Eversole, For nearly six years, Hiring Our Heroes at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation has led the nationwide effort to find meaningful careers for veterans and military spouses through hiring events, fellowship programs, online resources, and other programs and initiatives. Since we launched in March 2011, we have successfully halted — […]

Remember wounded veterans’ caregivers

By Sen. Elizabeth Dole, During a recent news conference, President Trump reaffirmed his administration’s commitment to helping our nation’s veterans, many of whom face steep mental and physical challenges after returning from their time on the battlefield. As the longest war in U.S. history continues, so too does the responsibility to care for these […]

The Black Dog of the Veteran Emotion

By Duane France, MA, NCC, LPCc, I’ve often heard the psychological aftermath of a veteran’s military service described as a black dog. The black dog is an emotion, or series of emotions, that the veteran experiences, sometimes under control, sometimes uncontrollably. The black dog of PTSD can be terrifying. It’s always on alert, hackles raised, […]

Will DoD study suicides of military family members?

By Jeremy Schwartz, Two weeks after a murder-suicide at Fort Hood left an Army husband and his two young daughters dead, the Department of Defense says it’s possible, and fairly inexpensive, to track suicides of military dependents. The military has extensively studied suicide patterns among service members, but far less is known about suicide […]

Is Russia thinking of invading Finland? Finland thinks so.

Finland stops Russians buying land near military sites amid invasion fears. A report published last year revealed concerns in Helsinki about the purchase of houses near strategic locations. By Tom Batchelor, Finland’s government plans to block foreigners from buying houses near military sites amid claims that Russians were acquiring land to accommodate troops in the event of […]

Facing obsolescence, Nato needs to reform into a global alliance against Islamic terrorism

By RAFAEL BARDAJÍ AND RICHARD KEMP, President Trump has said repeatedly that Nato is obsolete. And he is right. For five decades Nato was necessary to, as its first Secretary General said at the time, “keep the Soviets out, the Americans in, and the Germans down”. The Atlantic Alliance was indeed instrumental in deterring the […]

Former Virginia National Guardsman facing prison for support of ISIS

Former US Army National Guard member jailed for supporting ISIS. The 27-year-old has been charged with attempting to help members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). By Charlie Osborne for Zero Day, A former member of the US Army National Guard has been thrown in jail after being found guilty of […]