Military Minute: Making Sense of the Blended Retirement System

Take a minute (or two) to watch our newest video! The Military’s New Retirement system goes into effect January 1st, 2018. Today’s Military Minute, sponsored by Military Families Magazine, explores 5 things you may not know about the Blended Retirement System. Learn more!

Total Force of Each Military Branch in the Reserve Component

The Reserve and Guard make up nearly 40%  of total U.S. uniformed manpower. Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), has been the most costly recent military operation for each reserve component: Component – Killed in the Line of Duty Army National Guard – 495 Army Reserve – 246 Marine Reserves – 139 Navy Reserve – 24 Air […]

Making a Care Package for Your Mom or Dad

by R. Brian Williams It’s hard when your Mom or Dad is in the military and they are deployed. You miss seeing them every day, having them tuck you in bed or talk with you about your day at dinner. Guess what? Your Mom or Dad misses those things with you, too. So much. Care […]

Education While Deployed

by Bennett Leigh These days, there really is no reason for a member of the military, including the National Guard and Reserve, to not get a college education — even if you are deployed while working towards your degree. From the generous benefits of the Post-9/11 GI Bill to the tuition reimbursement and student load […]

USING technology TO STAY connected WHILE deployed

by Rebecca Alwine Every time I watch an old war movie, I think about how different life is for military families now. While deployments seem long at a year, imagine what it would have been like to send your spouse off to war — the whole war — without knowing when it would end. To […]

Striking a Balance

by Bennett Leigh Most members of the reserve or National Guard know something about Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR)— they have certainly heard the acronym, and likely know it is an organization within the DoD that helps facilitate understanding between reserve component members and their civilian employers. But many may not know […]

Art Therapy Might Be The Perfect Treatment For PTSD

While some wounds, like scars, are visible to everyone, other wounds go unnoticed, trapped inside the human mind. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is commonly found in veterans. Unfortunately, many veterans don’t get the treatment that they need to recover from this invisible struggle. Oftentimes, veterans are afraid to speak up about their PTSD because they worry […]

Ducks in a Row: Making Your Transition to Deployment a Smooth One

by Robert James Whether you anticipate those deployment orders or not, when those papers drop, the rush to get ready to leave kicks in for members of the reserve component. You have to coordinate with your civilian employer, your family, your school (if enrolled) — and the overwhelming nature of getting everything in your life […]

Reintegrating on the Homefront

by Bianca Strzalkowski The return after a deployment is one of the most highly anticipated moments for any service member. Reintegration is the period attached to homecoming when military personnel transition back into life on the home front. It is a given that this timeframe is an exciting one, but once the pomp and circumstance […]

Will The Deaf Ever Be Able To Enlist?

Throughout history, the Military has always been changing. For example, women couldn’t enlist until 1948 when Truman signed the Women’s Armed Services Integration Act. Over the past five years, more and more people have started to wonder if the deaf will ever be able to enlist. The Isreali Military allows the deaf to serve in […]

Explore Vacations From $349 Per Week!

[Sponsored by AFVC] Armed Forces Vacation Club offers vacations in destinations worldwide starting at just $349 per week! Choose from popular locations including Orlando, Las Vegas, the Caribbean, Mexico & so much more. Spread out in family-sized resort accommodations, many of which include on-site recreational facilities, living room, and kitchen. Start your search today, you’ve earned […]