Military Minute: The Gary Sinise Foundation does all this?!

Take a Military Minute (or two), click play, and enjoy seeing all the work that the Gary Sinise Foundation is doing for our service members and veterans.  Please feel free to like, share or tweet this video too.  We appreciate it. Read More!

Military service runs in Family; roots in both Army, Air National Guard

By Stephanie Beougher, DVIDS To say military service runs in the Family might be an understatement for Col. Barbara Herrington-Clemens and her husband Ken Clemens. Between them and three of their five children, they have more than 120 years of military service and eight deployments. Herrington-Clemens enlisted in the Ohio Army National Guard in 1981, […]

Army Reserve center weapons heist suspect gets 21 months

By Chris Eger, A federal judge in Boston on Wednesday handed down sentencing on one of three defendants involved in the theft of 16 weapons from a reserve center in Massachusetts. Ashley Bigsbee, 27, of Dorchester, was given 21 to 36 months in prison, followed by supervised release for a term of three years, […]

Spring Fever! Options for Spring Break Fun!

by Rachel Tringali Marston Spring Break is on the horizon and military families are starting to think about what to do and where to go. The much-anticipated vacation opportunity often offers the first chance of the year to take time off, potentially, without a coat, gloves and scarf. However, if you’re new to your duty station location, you might second yourself […]

Military is reportedly considering sending 1,000 more troops inside Syria

By Paul Szoldra, Business Insider The Pentagon is considering sending an additional 1,000 conventional troops over the next few weeks into Syria, ahead of an upcoming offensive against the ISIS capital of Raqqa. The troops would likely come from the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit — currently on its way to the region — and the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division, which […]

Sexual assault reports up at Navy, Army academies

By LOLITA C. BALDOR, Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — Reports of sexual assaults increased at two of the three military academies last year and an anonymous survey suggests sexual misconduct rose across the board at the schools, The Associated Press has learned. The new data underscore the challenge in stemming bad behavior by young people […]

Did you know Russia has its own ‘Delta Force’

By Dave Majumdar, Scout The Kremlin had established its own equivalent of the U.S. Army’s elite 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta—better known as Delta Force. Incorporating lessons from Western special operations forces (SOF), the Kremlin had established its own equivalent of the U.S. Army’s elite 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta—better known as Delta Force. This […]

American Legion calls on veterans to help end cyber bullying of women

By Carl Prine, San Diego Union-Tribune ay after the top enlisted Marine called on military veterans to help the Corps fight cyber bullying, the American Legion volunteered for duty. Charles Schmidt, national commander of the organization, on Wednesday urged all former members of the armed services to “stand up and speak out” against harassment. “The […]

Army calls for prototype of next generation combat vehicle by 2022

By Kyle Mizokami, Popular Mechanics The U.S. Army wants at least two “field demonstrators” for its Next Generation Combat Vehicle no later than 2022. The vehicles, dubbed NGCV, will help the Army figure out what it wants in future vehicles designed to replace the venerable M1 Abrams tank and M2 Bradley fighting vehicle. The Army’s […]

What is Congress thinking on military personnel for 2017-2018?

By Scott Maucione, Federal News Radio Under the Obama administration, Congress mostly relied on the executive branch to maneuver within its authorities to deal with military personnel issues, and only stepping in when needed. House Armed Services Committee aides say that mentality doesn’t look like it will change despite a new congressional session, a fresh […]

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg visits Fort Bragg

By Abbi Bennett, The News and Observer ORT BRAGG Military families around the world use social tools like Facebook to keep in touch with deployed loved ones or family in other states or countries. On Tuesday, Facebook’s founder got a chance to speak with the people his site helps. Mark Zuckerberg made a few stops […]