Military Minute: How To Thank A Veteran

Video:  Sometimes it’s hard to know what to say when you see a veteran or uniformed servicemember. Go beyond a canned response and show your appreciation in a personal and meaningful way. Take a look and see: Learn more!

All military services now investigating nude photo sharing on social media

By Andrew Liptak, Last week, Marine veteran Thomas Brennan published a report through The Center for Investigative Reporting that revealed the existence of a secret Facebook group used by Marines to share naked pictures of service women. Now, the Marine Corps investigation into the group and its members has expanded to encompass all of […]

Is the Solution to Uber’s Culture Crisis Hiring Veterans

The Solution to Uber’s Culture Crisis Could be Hiring Veterans. Military service imbues values that every employer hopes new hires have. Andrew D Wittman, Uber is being skewered in the news right now for their “unrestrained” corporate culture that may have led to incidents of sexual harassment at the company. Not to mention the recent […]

Is the Marine Corps Investing Too Heavily In Aviation Over Ground Vehicles?

By: Megan Eckstein, The Marine Corps’ top financial officer told lawmakers that the service considers its modernization programs properly balanced between aviation and ground needs, while acknowledging that there hasn’t been enough money in recent years to buy the ground assets at a proper pace. The Marine Corps has faced the challenge in recent […]

Assad: US military forces in Syria are ‘invaders’

By Joe Sterling, Jennifer Deaton and Barbara Starr, (CNN)Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad scoffed and questioned US actions in Syria, calling American troops deploying to the country “invaders” because he hadn’t given permission for them to enter the country and saying there’s been no “concrete action” from the Trump administration toward ISIS. “Any foreign troops […]

The New Stimulus Package Has a Lot More Guns

By Charles P. Pierce, On Thursday, the president* visited the USS Gerald Ford, the flagship of a new class of super aircraft carriers to replace the old Nimitz class. He put on a ballcap (and, remarkably, not one on which his family would turn a buck) and a flight jacket and, apparently, he wasn’t […]

Military Families Fall Behind In Financial Readiness Test

By KAREN DEMASTERS, Military families recently did worse than civilian ones on a financial readiness test, according to First Command Financial Services Inc. The average score on the financial readiness test for middle-class military families was 62 while civilian families scored 76. The test was administered in conjunction with the First Command Educational Foundation. The […]

A Crazy Way Japan’s Military Could Have Beat America During World War II

James Holmes, Could this have worked? If a military triumph lay beyond Tokyo’s reach, the second two methods remained available in the Pacific. Japanese commanders could have husbanded resources, narrowing the force mismatch between the warring sides. They could have made the conflict more costly, painful, and prolonged for America, undercutting its resolve. Or, […]

Ex-POW Jessica Lynch still has nightmares of Iraqi captors years after rescue

By Meg Wagner, – Reprint of 2015 article. Ex-prisoner of war Jessica Lynch still has nightmares about the Iraqi men who took her hostage a dozen years ago. As the 12th anniversary of her capture approached earlier this year, Lynch said she “broke down” — prompting her to seek mental health care for the first […]

Iran’s Stealth Fighter Is No F-35

By Dave Majumdar, The reality is that the Qaher F-313—which was widely derided as a hoax when it was first rolled-out in 2013—is likely nothing more than an ill-conceived propaganda ploy. Iran’s indigenous Qaher F-313 fifth-generation stealth fighter is allegedly about to enter serial production, according to a top Iranian military official. However, the […]

Combat Nurses and Donut Dollies

By Heather Stur, Joyce Denke was 19 years old when her fiancé, Cpl. David Ives, received his orders for Vietnam. It was early 1967, and he had only six months left in the service. The young couple, who lived in Temple, Tex., just south of Waco, decided not to let the war dampen their […]