Military Minute: LinkedIn for Military Members

Take a minute (or two) to watch our newest video! Think you don’t need LinkedIn because you are in the military? Think again. This edition of Military Minute breaks down how to make LinkedIn your very best friend. Learn more!

Five biggest disasters in US military history

By Robert Farley, “What are the biggest disasters in American military history, and what effect have they had on the United States?” Nations often linger on their military defeats as long as, or longer than, they do on their successes. The Battle of Kosovo remains the key event of the Serbian story, and devastating […]

91 year old, World War II veterans will working in supermarket

By Kayla Mamelak, NEW JERSEY (FOX5NY) – If you stop by the ShopRite in Flemington, New Jersey, a piece of American history might bag your groceries. “We give you service with a smile,” Archie Fagan says.  “We are the best store in town.” He is 91 and full of life. The supermarket employee sold […]

U.S. to Accelerate Buying BAE Vehicle for European Deterrence

By Anthony Capaccio, The U.S. Army’s war-fighting budget request for fiscal 2018 will include funds to accelerate deployment to Europe of its newest combat vehicle, a modern troop carrier built by BAE Systems Plc. Responding to a request from the Army’s European commanders, the service’s Overseas Contingency Operations request will include as much as […]

Navy punishes special warfare unit that flew Trump flag in public

By Peter Holley, The sight of a large blue-and-white Trump flag perched atop the lead vehicle in a military convoy was a shocking sight for some Kentucky drivers on the final weekend in January. Video and photos of the vehicle spread rapidly online, prompting Navy officials to open an investigation after they confirmed that […]

Here’s What Would Happen If Russia and NATO Went to War (or World War III)

By Kris Osborn, How much of a threat do Russia’s emerging 5th-generation stealth fighter, nuclear arsenal, high-tech air defenses, anti-satellite weapons, conventional army and submarines pose to NATO and the U.S.? Current tensions between Russia and NATO are leading many to carefully assess this question and examine the current state of weaponry and technological […]

Why is the Army back in the ship killing business?

By Jeremy Hsu, SINCE 1996, THE Chinese military has steadily expanded its umbrella of land-based missiles, strike aircraft, and submarines designed to overwhelm both US air bases and carrier strike groups. That buildup aims to discourage the US military from potentially intervening in China’s territorial disputes with neighboring Asian countries. Now, the US response […]

A year after her daughter’s death, a mother says thanks

By Paul Feely, A year after her police officer daughter was shot and killed on her first day on patrol, a Merrimack woman said she is thankful for the kindness and generosity shown to her family since. “Words cannot express our gratitude and sincere appreciation for such a wonderful, caring community of people that […]

President Planning Program Cuts to Make Way for a Military Spending Surge

By the Associated Press, President Donald Trump is proposing a huge $54 billion surge in U.S. military spending for new aircraft, ships and fighters in his first federal budget while slashing big chunks from domestic programs and foreign aid to make the government “do more with less.” The Trump blueprint, due in more detail […]

National Guards Soldiers to fill Army gaps

By Meredith Willse, Forty men and women of the Kentucky National Guard are able to say they are Screaming Eagles after a patching ceremony Saturday on Fort Campbell. This is now a unique opportunity for those who were patched, Brigadier Gen. Benjamin F. Adams III said. Maj. Gen. Andrew J. Poppas said the troops […]

A Guide to Being a Veteran 2016

Download this digital edition now or view past issues in our Digital Archive! In this issue: Back to School? Is it Right for You? Online Education Tips Is Your Retirement Pay Enough? Advice from Experts and Those in the Know Start Your Job Search Now – Make Contacts and Get Your Resume in Order Navigating […]