Military Minute: The Gary Sinise Foundation does all this?!

Take a Military Minute (or two), click play, and enjoy seeing all the work that the Gary Sinise Foundation is doing for our service members and veterans.  Please feel free to like, share or tweet this video too.  We appreciate it. Read More!

More National Guard F-35 locations announced

The US Air Force has announced five installations as candidate bases for the next two Air National Guard (ANG) F-35A locations, known as ‘Ops 5’ and ‘Ops 6’. The candidate bases are: * Dannelly Field, Montgomery, Alabama, * Gowen Field, Boise, Idaho, * Jacksonville, Florida, * Selfridge ANGB, Detroit, Michigan, * Truax, Madison, Wisconsin. Jennifer […]

Iran to Trump: “Death to America” will continue

By Dr. Majid Rafizadeh Ideologically speaking, Iran’s hardliners, primarily Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and senior officials of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) who enjoy the final say in Iran’s domestic and foreign policies, have made it clear that Iran will not change the core pillars of its religious and revolutionary establishment: Anti-Americanism or […]

Russian “Carrier Killer” submarine eluding NATO

NATO is Hunting Russia’s “Carrier Killer” Submarines – The subs are thought to be stalking two NATO carrier battle groups operating nearby. By Kyle Mizokami NATO’s anti-submarine forces are currently hunting one, and possibly two, Russian submarines in the eastern Mediterranean. The submarines, Oscar-II class guided missile boats, was designed to take out aircraft carriers […]

The best military family christmas card ever!

Colorado military wife creates unique family Christmas card  By KXRM COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KXRM) — One Colorado family’s Christmas card is catching some attention for all the right reasons. “We were 18 and just young and in love and then I was pregnant with my oldest and we quickly realized that this world is hard and […]

Trump at Army-Navy game to salute armed forces

By Tribune News Service Donald Trump is partaking in one of the nation’s most storied football rivalries, saluting U.S. troops at the annual Army-Navy game on Saturday as he prepares to enter the White House. The future commander in chief attended the 117th game between the military academies at West Point and Annapolis, which is […]

Military Families Are Still Suffering From High Operational Tempos

By DIANNA CAHN The annual military lifestyle survey says financial issues and strains on family life remain the major concerns of service members. Financial issues remain the top priority for military members and their families, but high operational tempo, increased time away from home and the impact on families have grown into key concerns — […]

Senate votes to help Guard members facing bonus paybacks

The Senate approved a defense appropriations bill Thursday that includes a provision meant to help California Guard members who received enlistment bonuses in error and were facing repayment demands. The Los Angeles Times reported that the measure calls on the Pentagon to set up a review board to fast-track an assessment and determine which soldiers should […]

Chaplain Dead in Murder Suicide

Air Force Chaplain Dead in Murder-Suicide — Now Some Wonder if He Was in Rehab for the Wrong Thing By Kathleen Gaeta After a 90-day stint for alcohol abuse, Daniel Randall left a Portland, Maine, rehabilitation center on December 8th and drove towards his wife’s home in Hebron, one hour away…stopping to buy a shotgun on […]

Eureka! VA doctors use secure web-based tool to better serve Veterans

By: Stacie Rivera and Treva Lutes Veterans!  We wanted you to know about an easy-to-use tool that VA doctors and staff have to make your health care more efficient and better coordinated. VA’s Joint Legacy Viewer (JLV) is a web-based tool that can save both you and your health care provider a lot of time. […]

Russias tests its new autonomous nuclear submarine off the US coast

After an apparent leak by a Russian news outlet it has emerged that Russia has been testing a “terrifying new autonomous drone submarine” capable of carrying nuclear warheads in waters off of the US East coast. The top secret nuclear capable sub, code named “Kanyon” by the Pentagon, allegedly has a displacement of 40 tonnes, […]