Military Minute: 5 Great Military Housing Options

Take a Military Minute (or two), click play, and watch our newest video. Whether you’ve just received orders for your next PCS, or you’ve already transferred and are now in temporary housing, the decision of where to live at each duty station looms large. Click to learn more!

DC National Guard commander to be removed under mysterious circumstances

By Paul Szoldra, The commander of the District of Columbia National Guard is going to be out of a job just as President-elect Donald Trump takes the oath of office. A memo announcing the removal of Maj. Gen. Errol Schwartz obtained by The Washington Post says the 65-year-old general will be out of a job […]

The Invisible Veterans

By Samantha Kubek, Women are the fastest growing veteran population, with 2.2 million women veterans representing every branch of the military living nationwide, a number that is expected to double over the next ten years. That’s ten percent of the current veteran population. But as more women veterans return to civilian life, many are […]

F-35s headed to Japan for special mission

The U.S. Military’s $1 Trillion F-35 Stealth Fighter Is Heading to Japan for a Very Special Mission By Dave Majumdar, The United States Marine Corps has started to forward deploy its first operational squadron of Lockheed Martin F-35B Joint Strike Fighters overseas to Japan. The unit, the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing’s Marine Fighter Attack Squadron […]

US troops in Poland to stay?

US forces in Poland: Here to stay Source: After 20 years, words are put into action: American soldiers are coming to Poland for the long term, while German and British troops head to the Baltics. Polish officials will celebrate the Americans’ arrival Saturday. The weekend will be marked with celebration throughout Poland. US troops […]

Marines relook strategy in the light of new threats

U.S. Marine Corps Retools Strategy As Tech Threats Mushroom By Laren Thompson, The U.S. Marine Corps is postured for the past rather than the future. That’s the conclusion its top leaders came to after a year-long review of how the threats Marines face are changing and what the Corps must do to adapt. It’s […]

AAFES to open online shopping to military veterans starting Veterans Day 2017

Source: AAFES Will Open to All Honorably Discharged Veterans on Veterans Day 2017 DALLAS – After four years of coordination with the Departments of Defense, Army and Air Force as well as several other federal agencies, the Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) will welcome home approximately 15 million veterans on Nov. 11. […]

A-10 upgraded to support search and rescue missions

By Douglas Ernst, The iconic A-10 Thunderbolt has a new upgrade that will give ground troops one more reason to love it: communications equipment for Combat Search and Rescue operations. Advocates of the famed “Warthog” received welcome news in October when Air Force Materiel Command announced plans to sustain the aircraft “indefinitely.” It appears […]

Is a Sabbatical in your military future?

By Alexandra Levit, According to a recent report called Calculating the True Cost of Voluntary Turnover, the average turnover rate across the workforce is 13 percent. If an organization has 30,000 employees and that rate of turnover is assumed, the report authors estimate the cost to the organization would be a staggering $427 million […]

Europe seeing largest US military influx in decades

By Pranshu Rathi, The largest U.S. military reinforcement of Europe in decades, comprising more than 3,000 U.S. soldiers along with U.S. tanks and armored vehicles, started arriving Thursday in Poland, as part of the outgoing President Barack Obama’s attempt to reassure nervous NATO allies concerned over aggressive posturing by Russia. Over 80 main battle tanks and […]

US to pay billions to Marines affected by toxic water

By HOPE YEN, WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration has agreed to provide disability benefits totaling more than $2 billion to veterans who had been exposed to contaminated drinking water while assigned to Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. The decision was quietly made public Thursday with a notice in the Federal Register, the government’s […]