You Are Prequalified To Serve

You Are Pre-Qualified To Serve

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As a veteran, you were there for your country. Now your community needs you. Your demonstrated sense of duty makes you ideally suited for volunteer firefighting.

Learn new skills. Meet new people. Enjoy new challenges. It’s a job that feels more like a family and offers some of the same rewards of military service — sense of purpose, working together as part of a close-knit team, and the pride in knowing you are making a difference.

Fire departments across the country are looking for men and women to step up and serve. With increasing call volumes and a growing list of hazards they respond to, departments need more volunteers. Our nation’s veterans offer unique skills that make them valuable assets to local departments and the communities they serve.

What will your day look like? Volunteer firefighters are summoned to a wide array of emergencies, including fires, medical emergencies, potential terrorist activity, natural disasters, water rescues, and other public service calls. Cities and towns rely on these well-trained volunteers to serve as their first line of defense.

Volunteers make up 70 percent of all firefighters in the United States. Small, rural communities especially rely on volunteers, but many people don’t realize their local department needs more help.

Join this diverse group nearly one million strong. Volunteers come from all backgrounds, ages, genders, races, and ethnicities – but they are all united in their desire to serve.

As a veteran, the value you can bring to your local unit is immeasurable. Find out how to protect the community you love at