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Sending Sandboxx Letters To Your Loved One

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If you’re reading this right now, chances are, you have access to a smartphone, tablet, or computer. However, the same cannot be said for the thousands of military members in training or deployment. Most of the time, these military members don’t have access to social media, so they rely on letters from their loved ones. Natalia Spivey, a member of the Army National Guard, recalls that the letters she received from her family and friends helped during basic training. Sandboxx, a company that makes sending letters simpler, is doing all it can to brighten our heroes’ days.

How can Sandboxx help?

According to Sandboxx, “At any given time, 200,000 military members are off the grid in training or deployment and are missing loved ones. Despite the digital generation, physical mail is still the most important source of morale for the troops. Civilians, however, are fully immersed in the digital communication culture, often leading to communication disconnects”. Sandboxx serves as a Military Social Network. It is also a really great tool for both military members and their families.

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What makes Sandboxx cooler than typical “snail mail”?

Since we are living in an age of technological advancements, it’s only natural that people want to share things virtually. Because military members living off the grid aren’t able to see the photos and memories you post on Facebook, Sandboxx offers an alternative. You can download the Sandboxx app, and type up your entire letter on your phone and include pictures. The company converts your message and pictures into physical mail. There’s no need to buy stamps, go to the post office, or remember addresses anymore. You can store all your loved ones’ information on the app. Each letter also includes an addressed envelope for your loved one to send their reply in. Colleen Schuh, whose son recently completed his Marine Corps training, explains that Sandboxx was one of the most helpful tools for her and her family.


How do I get started?

To start with Sandboxx, you can head to their website or download their app. It only costs $3 to send a letter, but you can also get a variety of bundles. There is the Acquaintance Bundle that includes three letters for $8. The Buddy Bundle includes 15 letters for $20. The Family Bundle is $35 and includes 15 letters. Finally, the Love Bundle has 60 letters and costs $100.

Sandboxx Letters

Sandboxx is a really cool company, but that aside, don’t forget to send letters to your loved ones.