A son’s tribute to his military father

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From Carol Cash…

My son wrote this poem when he was in 9th grade while his dad was away as Deputy Commander for Air Wing 13.  It was part of a class assignment that then became a Father¹s Day gift to his dad.  The beginning of the poem refers to the stories we told him about Paul forgetting to finish shaving when we headed to the hospital for Scott¹s arrival into this world.  His dad, originally an A-6 pilot, had been on many deployments, missing several Christmases and birthdays, while aboard the Nimitz and then as XO and commanding officer of VA 115 in Japan.  Scott is now a father of three two sons and a daughter, and, while I could be accused of bias, I believe he continues to demonstrate the values that were instilled by his dad.  When my husband re-read the poem just the other day, his comment was “It still brings tears to my eyes.”

time for me by scott cash