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The Reserve & National Guard Magazine

Published 8x per year, this magazine focuses on America’s reserve and national community, specifically to service members, their families, and leadership across all seven service branches. Editorial content features unit spotlights, military benefits, lifestyle, equipment, technology, education, employment, finance, retirement planning and other important topics geared to the citizen soldier.

2017 Releases: Feb, Mar, May, Jun, Jul, Sep, Oct and Nov

Military Families Magazine

Published 10x per year, including a special issue (Finance, Deployment, Relocation and Guide to Being a Veteran) each quarter, this magazine focuses on America’s active duty service members, their spouses, and children. Editorial content features important areas of interest, specific to today’s military community, to include military benefits, education, employment, transition, readiness, deployment, spouses and children, finances, health, insurance and more.

2017 Releases: Jan/Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov

Each quarter, Military Families Magazine publishes special issues dedicated to topics of unique military importance. Your subscription to Military Families Magazine includes these special issues, but if you would like additional bundles of these special issues, or if you only subscribe to The Reserve & National Guard Magazine and would like bundles of these special issues, then please indicate the number of additional bundles below.

Special Issue: Finance Guide

Specifically tailored to the unique needs, lifestyle, and financial choices facing America’s military service members, the Finance Guide provides valuable, easy-to-understand information about wisely managing personal finances,

2017 Release: Jan/Feb

Special Issue: Relocation Guide

Our award-winning Relocation Guide assists members and their families through the difficult process of a military move. Topics include housing, pets, education, children, benefits, in-process vacations, checklists and other timely information.

2017 Release: Apr

Special Issue: Deployment Guide

Our award-winning Deployment Guide is requested by base readiness managers, relocation managers and family service centers for use in pre-deployment briefings with the intent to educate military members and their families on coping skills, with pre-planning checklists, and best practices to help families during this difficult time.

2017 Release: Jul

Special Issue: Guide to Being a Veteran

Whether active duty or reserve, retiring after a 20-year career, or leaving the service after a 4-year enlistment, becoming a veteran can be difficult. Our Guide to Being a Veteran focuses on what future veterans should know and do before they leave the armed forces. This guide seeks to inform service members on how to best navigate the myriad of education, employment, benefit, health care, financial questions that they will face.

2017 Release: November


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